International Pyrotechnics Seminars, USA, Inc.


The International Pyrotechnics Society sanctions pyrotechnic seminars, which are held at various locations around the globe, provided the organizers of individual seminars meet the sanctioning requirements defined in the International Pyrotechnics Society Constitution and By-laws.

IPSUSA, Inc. was formed in 1980 by members of the Steering Committee of the International Pyrotechnics Seminars. The purpose of the corporation is to coordinate and host biennial International Pyrotechnics Seminars and related events of the International Pyrotechnics Society to be held in the USA.

IPSUSA Seminars, Inc. is the legal entity that currently organizes and sponsors the seminar in the United States in alternate years, which historically have been in even-numbered years. This organization also provides copies of the Proceedings of past meetings for the benefit of the pyrotechnic community.

Originally, seminars in the United States were hosted by the Denver Research Institute from 1968 through 1978. From 1980 through 1996, the IIT Research Institute hosted the seminars. IPSUSA, Inc. hosted the 1998 biennial International Pyrotechnics Seminar in Monterey, California; the 2000 Seminar in Grand Junction, Colorado; and the 2002 Seminar in Westminster, Colorado. IPSUSA Seminars, Inc. hosted the 2004, 2006, and 2008 Seminars in Fort Collins, Colorado, the 2012 Seminar in Denver, Colorado, the 2014 Seminar in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and will host the 2016 Seminar in Grand Junction, Colorado.


IPSUSA Seminars, Inc. Officers

  • Dr. Gregory D. Knowlton – President
  • Mr. David W. Turner – Vice President, Financial Accounts
  • Dr. Jesse J. Sabatini – Vice President of Seminar Protocol
  • Dr. David R. Dillehay – Treasurer
  • Mrs. Linda C. Crouse – Secretary
  • Dr. Bernard E. Douda – President, Emeritus
  • Mr. James L. Austing – Secretary, Emeritus

Technical Steering Committee

  • Dr. Jason S. Brusnahan – DSTG / Australia
  • Dr. Manfred A. Bohn – Fraunhofer ICT / Germany
  • Dr. Ernst-Christian Koch – Lutradyn / Germany
  • Dr. Joost van Lingen – TNO / Netherlands
  • Prof. Walter W. Focke – University of Pretoria / South Africa
  • Dr. Eric J. Miklaszewski – U.S. Navy NSWC Crane / USA
  • Dr. Jared D. Moretti – U.S. Army RDECOM-ARDEC / USA
  • Dr. Karl D. Oyler – U.S. Army RDECOM-ARDEC / USA
  • Dr. Jesse J. Sabatini – U.S. Army RDECOM-ARL / USA 

International Steering Committee

  • Dr. Kenneth J. Smit – Australia
  • Dr. Muhamed Sućeska – Croatia
  • Pierre Thébault – France
  • Dr. Ernst-Christian Koch – Germany
  • Dr. Jai Prakash Agrawal – India
  • Dr. Shingo Date – Japan
  • Wim P. C. de Klerk – Netherlands
  • Dr. Alla Pivkina – Russia
  • Prof. How Ghee Ang – Singapore
  • Prof. Walter W. Focke – South Africa
  • Beatriz Collado – Spain
  • Dr. Trevor T. Griffiths – United Kingdom
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